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City of Benicia Approves Mask Mandate Indoors, Overriding Solano County

Eight out of the nine Bay Area counties have issues new mask guidance, Solano County has not

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An East Bay city decided to go its own way when it comes to mask mandates Tuesday night. 

The Benicia City Council voted to require masks be worn inside any building where the public is allowed -- Solano County has no such policy.

It’s public health officer says they don't do much good preventing the spread of COVID-19 in indoor public places. But that opinion was the minority at Tuesday‘s Benicia City Council meeting, even among physicians.

“We have excellent tools including effective vaccines and masks,” said Dr. Bonnie Hamilton of the Napa Solano Medical Society. “Shouldn’t we air on the side of caution?”

At the meeting, there was public input about who is dramatically in favor of the mandatory masking policy.

“We are talking about the bare minimum,” said an attendee. “Our children have no problem doing it and it’s nothing to ask adults to do the same.”

Though there were a few who questioned how much protection they provide.

“Will we discontinue the mandate? Who will be the judge of that? We are not following the science anymore, we're not following the experts,” said an opposing attendee.

After four hours of debate, the Benicia City Council gave the mask mandate a thumbs up, making it the only city in Solano County to require them at indoor public places.

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