City of Benicia Closes Parking Lots Due to Improper Gathering During Shelter

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City parking lots in Benicia are closed to the public due to activity violating the novel coronavirus social distancing order, officials said Friday.

The city announced the closure of parking lots at Matthew Turner Shipyard (12th Street) Park and Alvarez Ninth Street Park, as well as parking at the foot of First Street for the beach and pier.

"The Police Department has received and verified complaints of people parking in these locations and not staying to themselves, but rather walking between cars, window to window interactions, etc.," the city said in an announcement. "As a result, these parking lots will be blocked to vehicle traffic with the exception of a few boat parking spaces at the Ninth Street parking lot."

Officials said that the areas will remain open for walking, but that social distancing would be enforced.

"The city will continue to evaluate public areas and parking lots and may make further closures without notice, if improper social distancing is observed," officials said.

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