Fourth of July

Cloverdale Lions Club Cancels Fourth of July Fireworks Display

The Cloverdale Lions Club announced Wednesday that it has postponed its first annual Fourth of July fireworks show after being approached by city officials concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

“Our Board of Directors have taken this proposal into consideration and discussed the concerns confronting our community in regards to COVID-19, and we have ultimately decided to postpone our town display,” a post on the Lions Club Facebook page read.

Safe and Sane Fireworks for personal use will still be available for sale between July 1 and July 4 at 9 p.m., or until sold out. The organization reminded residents that the use of Safe and Sane Fireworks is only allowed within city limits on July 4 from 11 a.m. to midnight, and asked people to follow all safety protocols.

In the Facebook post, the club said that it will hold its fireworks display in 2021.

“Please remember that we need to stay positive in these trying times and to come together as the strong community that we are,” the post read.

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