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Marin City Housing Complex Struggling With Rodent Infestation

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Residents at a Marin City Public Housing complex say they've been struggling with a rodent infestation that's become so unbearable recently, the housing authority has moved a couple of residents out of the building.

But people who still live there say more needs to be done. 

Photos shared by resident Sheila Robson show what looks like a mouse under her sink. But it seems like a pretty small one compared to what her granddaughter recently saw.

"It was black, it was large, the tail looked like it was three or four inches long,” said Robinson. 

She said the situation at her unit inside 59 Cole Drive is unbearable.

"They break my sleep at night,” said Ronson. “You can hear them chewing the walls. I'm in the bathtub taking a hot bath, it sounds like they're trying to come up the pipe into my bath water with me. So it's really uncomfortable.”

Rodents are a problem residents of the building have had for a few years now, but recently, it seems to be worse.

Robson said maintenance crews have tried sealing the pipe areas with foam. And a spokesperson for the Marin Housing Authority said they have contracted with a new exterminator to deal with the pests.

In a statement, Kimberly Carroll with the Marin Housing Authority wrote in part, "We are aware that some of our residents are experiencing pest control challenges. The location of the property next to a wilderness area, as well as the age of the facility, and in some cases the accumulated possessions can make full eradication a challenge."

Residents said they've heard this already.

"So the housing authority says they are going to begin, but the thing is when? This is an emergency situation,” said Royce McLemore, president of the Golden Gate Village Council.

Robson said she feels like it's a battle every time she goes home.

"When I come in from work this time of day, they're running on the front just like they live there like I do,” she said.

The housing authority has moved one resident out of the building because of the infestation.

Residents who are still there hope maintenance crews and exterminators work fast to clear out the rodents that are still there. 

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