Marin County Businesses Threatened Over COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

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As COVID-19 cases rise in Marin County, law enforcement is investigating threats of violence against two businesses that require proof of vaccination to get in. 

Someone left a threatening note on the door of the Papermill Creek Saloon in Forest Knolls to end the requirement of proof of vaccination to get inside.

The threat came days after the Saloon posted on social media that some guests and staff there tested positive for COVID-19.

On Dec. 2, the manager told customers that people who attended a fundraiser on Nov. 28 were testing positive for COVID.

“I think it was a day after the event I got an email from a friend who was there who tested positive,” said Jared Litwin.

He said about 15 people and two staff members all had mild symptoms and added that he believes there are other positive cases linked to different bars in West Marin.

“I know people who tested positive after this weekend who were not at our event and there's been no notification from any venue. I don't want to name names but it's frustrating,” said Litwin.

Marin County's public health officer said a rise in COVID cases is linked to the holiday weekend.

“We're seeing significant spike in cases following Thanksgiving,” said Matt Willis. “Looking at the numbers started five or six days after Thanksgiving Day.”

Worries about COVID-19 cases and a possible drop in business at the Saloon turned to fear on Dec. 3.

That’s when staff found a note on the front door threatening to burn the bar down if vaccine rules remain in place.

Litwin says he called the Marin County Sheriff.

“My first thought was it's just a threat but we have to take it seriously and we did so,” said Litwin. 

The owner of Body Kinetics in San Rafael found a similar threat on his gym door in San Rafael.

He said he called the police.

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