Napa County Removed From COVID-19 Watch List

A coronavirus test is performed.

Napa County is no longer on the COVID-19 monitoring list, making it the first of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties to come off the list since all were added in July.

The county was removed from the state's county-by-county chart on the watch list Thursday, but still appeared on the watch list's main page with detailed explanations for why each county is on the list. As of Friday morning, the county has been removed from both, seemingly confirming that the county is no longer subject to state-mandated indoor business closures, and local schools can reopen schools for in-person education 14 days from now.

Earlier this month, Gov. Gavin Newsom said that San Francisco County was "likely" to come off the watch list this week, but the county reactivated the watch list's case-per-capita and intensive care unit bed capacity indicators Thursday. The soonest that San Francisco County can come off the list is Tuesday of next week.

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