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Power Outages, Flooding, Landslides: North Bay Gets Hit Hard by Latest Storm

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The North Bay is getting hit hard by the latest storm Tuesday. Power outages, flooding, and landslides all kept emergency crews extremely busy.

In Guerneville, rain was on and off all day and the ground was so saturated, it didn’t take long for streets to flood.

On Armstrong Woods Road, two cars got stuck.

“We kind of feel like broken records, but we say ‘turn around don’t drown.’ Just this morning I was out checking some areas in the west part of our district and was watching cars driving through flooded roadways, and that is unsafe to do at anytime,” said Matt Windrem of the Sonoma County Fire District.

But some drivers are learning the hard way. Tuesday’s stormy weather has once again caused streets to flood across Sonoma County. 

“You can have a four-wheel-drive but if you get water that goes in your motor, it’s going to kill your motor,” said Shawn Johnson of the Sonoma County Fire District. 

Tuesday’s rain is causing issues all across the North Bay. Crews have been busy clearing mudslides, saturated soil and inundated creeks that have made roads all over the county impassable.

“These smaller ones, literally, they could’ve been fine at 8 o’clock this morning and then a quarter to half inch rain since then, that could be over the banks and across the roadway that a person had driven on just earlier,” said Windrem.

And the wind is causing another major problem, like falling trees. A giant cedar tree came crashing down in this Santa Rosa neighborhood early in morning, knocking out power and causing a scare. 

“The amazing thing, the tree fell down, missed our cars. The only thing, one branch landed on a car here and broke that windshield. That’s the only damage, it missed two cars, missed houses, took down the fence. We’re all safe,” said Santa Rosa resident, Connie Beall.

Emergency responders have been plenty busy and they’re urging everyone to stay clear of trouble spots and use common sense. 

“Trees, all over people doing stupid stuff, putting themselves in danger,” said Forestville resident, Joe Munson. “I think fire and police can do other things, besides pull people out of 4 feet of water.”

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