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PG&E Blames Birds for Thanksgiving Day Power Outage in Santa Rosa

About 3,500 customers were initially affected by the outage

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A power outage impacted North Bay residents on Thanksgiving Day.

PG&E said around 3,500 customers were initially affected by an outage reported at 10:46 a.m. near Santa Rosa. The utility in an update just before noon Thursday said 1,057 customers were still without power.

"I have him sitting here in a marinade hoping to moisten him," said Linda Frankall of Santa Rosa.

Serving undercooked turkey breast was not how she wanted to spend Thanksgiving Day with her husband.

"Now we’re going to have tough turkey," she said.

Not included in Frankall’s turkey recipe – the oven losing power not once, not twice, but three times.

"Power went out, right in the middle of cooking turkey, and it went like three to four times today, it was scary," said Angelo Lovre of Santa Rosa.

In an ironic twist, PG&E said birds caused the outage. A flock causing damage to a key powerline.

"Birds do harm when they fly into airplane engines but sitting on a powerline should not cause interruption for so many people especially on a day of celebration, a holiday," said Nolan Pahud of Santa Rosa.

PG&E said that by 3:18 PM, the lights were back on, in a community used to dealing with frequent power shut-offs.

"My dad is 80 years old, he just bought a power generator because he was worrying about it," said Lovre.

There’s one Pahud is somewhat thankful for.

"Had COVID not been involved we would have had six more people disappointed in our Thanksgiving dinner today," said Pahud.

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