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Santa Rosa Man With Umbrella Charged With Brandishing Imitation Deadly Weapon

Several people said they thought the umbrella was a firearm and they were afraid for their safety, police said.

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Sonoma County prosecutors Tuesday filed misdemeanor charges against a Santa Rosa man who allegedly brandished or exhibited a black umbrella at two people and a responding police officer as if it were a gun.

Joshua Oceguera was arraigned on seven misdemeanor charges Tuesday. Judge Elliot Daum approved Oceguera's release from the county jail and ordered him to return to Aurora Santa Rosa Hospital, which provides 24-hour care for adults with psychiatric issues. Oceguera's next court date is Dec. 20.

Oceguera's attorney Izaak Schwaiger said Oceguera agrees to the conditions of his release and further treatment at the hospital.

Santa Rosa police Tuesday provided more details on the incident that occurred Saturday in the area of Guerneville Road and Sunny View Way around 12:35 p.m. when they received reports about a man walking with a gun and pointing it at people and vehicles.

Police Officer Stephen Darden, who has been with the Police Department just under a year, responded at 12:42 p.m. and saw Oceguera about 90 to 100 yards away, Santa Rosa police said. Darden saw Oceguera pointing what he believed was a rifle at vehicles and mimicking a recoil motion as if the gun had been fired, police said.

Darden turned on his patrol car's emergency lights and got out of the car with his rifle. He issued commands through the car's public address system for Oceguera to show his hands, and Oceguera turned toward Darden and raised an object to his shoulder in what Darden described as a "shooting position,” police said. Oceguera then pointed the object at Darden.

Darden fired three shots from his rifle, none of them striking Oceguera. When Darden moved to a different position, he saw Oceguera had moved and extended one of his arms. Darden then saw the object Oceguera pointed at him was a long black umbrella.

More officers arrived on Guerneville Road, and Darden ran toward Oceguera and tackled him. Oceguera was handcuffed and taken into custody, police Lt. Dan Marincik said. 

Oceguera was booked in the county jail for criminal threats, brandishing and assault. Darden was placed on administrative leave.

Police said more than 10 people saw Oceguera pointing the umbrella at vehicles before Darden shot at Oceguera. Several of the people said they thought the umbrella was a firearm and they were afraid for their safety, police said.

The Santa Rosa Police Department is conducting an administrative review of the incident.

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