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Sean Monterrosa Billboard Sends Message to Vallejo Police

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The family of an unarmed man shot and killed by a Vallejo police officer is taking new steps in the journey for justice.

San Monterrosa’s family has put up a billboard near the Vallejo Police Department in hopes of serving a daily reminder to officers of a life needlessly taken.

The billboard is just around the corner from the department on Billy Goat Hill, a place Michelle and Ashley Monterrosa said they would go with their brother when they were children. 

“It holds a special place in our hearts because we’d always come here with him,” said Michelle and Ashley. “He’s always with us. The light shining on my face and I feel he’s with us.”

The sisters want Vallejo police to think of the 22-year-old who was shot and killed in June. The officer fired his assault rifle from the back seat through the windshield of an unmarked police truck after police say the officer mistook the hammer found in Sean’s sweatshirt for a gun.

“Officer Jarret Ton, the officer who murdered my brother, is off paid leave and back in Vallejo working,” said Michelle and Ashley.

The billboard was put up with financial help from the community.

“When they drive in and out they’re going to see it,” said the sisters. “Whether you’re going home or to work it’s going to be in your face every day.”

The Monterrosa’s plan to switch the billboard out with the faces of other men killed at the hands of Vallejo police over the next six months.

Vallejo officiers have shot more than 30 people since 2010.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the Vallejo Police Department for comment but they didn’t reply. The billboard will be officially unveiled on Sunday.

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