Star-Powered Vaccination Site Opens in Vallejo

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Vaccine shortages have caused delays in under-served communities like Vallejo, but a well-known promoter with Bay Area roots is making a difference.

William Hammond knows how to put on a production.

“This reminds me when I flew to Legos, Nigeria to look at a polo field to build a stage to bring Beyonce over and Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige it was just bare bones,” he said. “Brought my team over and it was successful.”

Hammond Productions is the go-to company for stars. During this COVID-19 crisis, he is making a major pivot, setting the stage for people to get a vaccine shot.

“I flew up and looked at three places, this was the most ideal. We had to build it out,” said Hammond, who was born in San Francisco and now lives in Southern California

He understands Corporate America and entertainment -- now he understands vaccine distribution.

“He is the glue, he is the foundation here,” said Ben Gammon, the EMS Coordinator for Solano Public Health. 

The county is partnering with Kaiser, NorthBay Healthcare and Touro University to make this happen.   

The state has identified parts of Vallejo among the highest rates of infection. The governor is promising to get 40% of California’s vaccines to low-income, disadvantaged communities like this one.

“I think centralizing in the middle of Solano County, Vallejo was always an eye on our target, we didn’t think we could get it to this level,” said Gammon,

Hammond is not only helping people get shots in arms, he is putting people back to work.

People like Kyle Newport, an Oakland legend in the entertainment production industry.

“We basically view this like it’s a show,” he said. “We brought on our parking staff we brought in professional lighting, tables, chairs, called in our vendors, we haven’t been doing business with.”

Hammond is helping hundreds of people get back on their feet. He credits his team for his success.

“When I got hired for this it was a much bigger picture than a concert, golf tournament, dinner, a lot of social responsibility and information that needs to be shared,” he said. “It’s a real honor to bring joy, employment for the next four months we’ll see how it goes.”

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