Activists Oppose Redevelopment in West Oakland

Plans to redevelop and improve the oft-maligned, long-ignored West Oakland neighborhood are opposed by some neighborhood activists, according to the East Bay Express.

Specifically, they're up in arms about the The West Oakland Specific Plan. The plan is aimed at redoing several distinct "zones" -- but along with targeted development, the plan doesn't have enough job or affordable housing guarantees to please advocates for longtime locals, the newspaper reported.

Transit Village, for example, is what the area around the West Oakland BART station would be called after "as many as 2,300 new housing units" are built around the train stop, the newspaper reported.

That would help create "22,000 new jobs in the area," according to plan authors -- including city officials who say they're trying to "make up" for "past errors."

However, the plan lacks "community benefit agreements" as well as affordable housing "quotas," the newspaper noted.

Almost 80 percent of West Oakland residents are renters, meaning that if prices go up they'll be easier to move out.

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