Now Arriving: Logic to SJ Airport

1 followed by 2 all the way up to 22

Mineta San Jose International Airport will renumber all the gates in Terminal A so they will make sense now that Concourse B also has gates open.

The changes, which will happen this weekend, should bring a little logic to an area that has been sorely lacking ever since six new gates opened earlier this month.

The gates will soon be renumbered from north to south. Right now, the numbers go from south to north.

Gate A-16B will become Gate 1, while Gate A-1B is demoted to Gate 16. The airlines won't change locations, just numbers. 

Southwest Airlines now occupies the brand new gates 17 to 22 in the new B terminal. These gates opened July 15 as part of the airport's ongoing modernization project. Gate assignments may face occasional rearrangement, spokesman David Vossbrink said, as crews relocate carriers from Terminal C while replacing the outdated space with a brand new Terminal B.

The change is designed to give gates a consistent numbering system, starting in Terminal A and progressing through the new Terminal B.

The airport is in the middle of huge $1.3 billion reconstruction project plan to modernize the woefully-outdated airport in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Another big change you may notice while driving by the airport is a huge mural that is now taking shape.

The work of art, titled "Hands," has images of 54 hands of residents of Santa Clara County made of 360,000 plastic discs hooked together on a chain-link mesh structure.

By September, the mural will be 1,200 feet long. It wraps around the east side of the parking lot that will house both rental cars and public parking.

You can watch the progress on a live Web cam.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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