Now, That's a Good Jury Excuse

Meg Whitman proved just how hard it is to get out of jury duty here in the Bay Area.

The California Republican gubernatorial candidate reported for jury duty Monday at the Hall of Justice in Redwood City after she got the notice most of us dread.

She made it into a courtroom as part of an actual jury pool.  When the judge asked if anyone had a scheduling issue or hardship that he should know about,  Whitman piped up and said she was quite busy right now running for governor.

While Whitman was not selected for the jury Monday, she still is a potential juror for the trial, according to her campaign. 

Her spokeswoman said Whitman "enjoyed meeting her fellow potential jurors, but looks forward to returning to the campaign trail."

The Associated Press originally sourced a Whitman campaign official that said Whitman was not selected for the jury.  Darrel Ng, with the Whitman campaign, says that is not true. She is still a potential juror for that trial.

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