Women Friend Breast Milk on Facebook

Need breast milk? Then Facebook might be the place for you.

Never mind that the social network has a propensity to dub pictures of breastfeeding mothers obscene, Facebook is now officially one place mothers can get breast milk for their babies.

A mother who had her Facebook account suspended three times because she put pictures of herself breastfeeding her children on the site, got an idea one day.

Emma Kwasnica thought instead of fighting Facebook about the pictures, why not use that energy to connect mothers who love breast milk with each other.

The idea for Eats on Feets was launched last month to connect new mothers without their own milk with lactating women who had some to spare.

The group uses Facebook to connect local donors with mothers in need. The idea is nothing new. Women have been sharing milk for generations but the idea of using Facebook as an intermediary is a novel one.

And there is an audience. More than 258,000 people joined a Facebook campaign to fight the social network's ban on photos of breastfeeding mothers.

Some however are questioning the safety of the milk, even if it is just connecting local mothers. Traditional milk banks have been known to screen and pasteurize the breast milk to ensure its safety.

But for some who can't afford to spend $3 to $5 an ounce for milk, the Facebook group offers an affordable alternative.

One that Facebook may not be too happy about.

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