San Francisco

San Francisco Sees Decline in Bike Riders

It's a shock to say the least as numbers show fewer people are biking in the Bay Area, a stunning statement considering how much the city has made streets bike friendly.

With more people moving to San Francisco, riders said there are not enough protected bike lanes for bicyclists.

Considering how much the city has done to make streets more bike friendly, trends show a decrease of riders from 126,000 riders in 2015 to 95,000 in 2017 according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

"Could be that more people are using ride shares it could mean because of gas price declines we’re seeing more people drive," said Paul Rose from the SFMTA. 

Tech companies are using buses to transport employees from neighbourhoods to job sites as well as using ride share companies.

There are many factors as to why there are less bicyclists on the road as people leave neighbourhoods on buses provided by tech companies.

"We also know that concerns about safety due to increased congestion on our streets discourage people from biking more," said Brian Wiedenmeier, Executive Director of San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. 

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