Nurses Claim Kaiser Unprepared for Ebola Outbreak

Hundreds of nurses marched through the streets of Oakland.

Hundreds of nurses hit the streets of Oakland on Thursday with a very troubling message. They claim one of California's largest medical providers is not ready to deal with an Ebola outbreak.

Hundreds of Kaiser Permanente nurses from across Northern California are banding together. They marched through the streets of Oakland to Kaiser headquarters to demand greater protections from Ebola.

The marching nurses said they have not been properly trained and claim the necessary protective equipment isn't available.

The infection of two nurses in Texas has them terrified.

“I'm personally upset, and actually I'm afraid,” said Johanna Lavorando, a Kaiser nurse. “If someone slips through the cracks like Mr. Duncan, what's going to happen?”

“If one of us gets exposed, we have ties to our community,” Virginia Macalino said. “The whole community is gonna be exposed if we get sick.”

Kaiser’s director of medical operations said in a statement Thursday they're reinforcing training by distributing educational materials and issuing a video. He says they're fully prepared.

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