Oakland Apartment Fire Survivors Are Told Shelter Will Close Later This Week

Donations are pouring in for survivors of a deadly apartment fire in Oakland. But the help may be fleeting.

On Tuesday night, residents displaced by the fire learned the evacuation shelter they're staying in will close later this week. Clothing donations piled up outside the West Oakland Youth Center, where more than 50 fire victims are staying. But a day after four of their neighbors died in the Monday morning inferno and survivors lost everything, people are on edge.

They haven't had access to a shower, and they learned they now need to find someplace else to go Friday.

"Obviously, people are frustrated, overwhelmed," said resident Jerril Bey, who stayed with his girlfriend in the building. Bey said he slept in his car Monday night.

The building at 2551 San Pablo Ave. had a long list of code violations and was crowded with squatters and low-income residents.

Maddie Clark stopped by with her daughter to donate baby supplies. She raised money for diapers in her office, hoping to help neighbors who survived the deadly fire and now have to start over.

"Bottom line is they're people who need help, period," she said. "Today, tomorrow is uncertain. A lot of people are already vulnerable; when things like this happen, it's devastating."

People collecting donations at the shelter said they can't take any more clothing. Toiletries and undergarments are needed.

The city of Oakland is asking people to send money to the Red Cross to help victims.

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