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Oakland Boy on the Road to Recovery After Shooting Himself in the Head

The bullet missed the main arteries in his brain

Almost three months after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a handgun found under a pillow, 4-year-old Na’vaun Jackson is back at his Oakland, California, home.

Na’vaun left Benioff Children’s Hospital last Thursday, happy and smiling, something his mom thought would never happen. She called it a miracle.

"He loves dinosaurs, dragons, Paw Patrol," Brijanna Price said. "Loves to smile."

Back in March, Na’vaun found Price’s ex-boyfriend’s loaded handgun hidden underneath a pillow.

"When I found him sitting with him before the paramedics came, he was responsive. I said his name, he responded to me," Price said.

The bullet missed the main arteries in his brain. Doctors put him in an induced coma, hoping the swelling would go down, but they also didn’t know if he would live.

"I’m just blessed he’s alive, he’s just a miracle," said Price. "Everything, they said he wouldn’t walk, he got all contact with his limbs."

The 4-year-old is confined to a wheelchair and he doesn’t have use of his right arm, but he is doing much better than expected.

Price's ex was arrested and charged with possession of a gun by a felon. Price said she knows her ex should not have had the gun in the home with children in the house, but she said he’s not the only one to blame.

"Don’t blame him, it’s not just his fault it’s everybody fault," she said. "It was a tragic accident."

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