9:30 Briefing: Oakland City Officials

City officials seemed pleased with the outcome of a day and night long strike.

 Oakland officials released the following information about the general strike Wednesday.

November 2, 2011


9:30 pm Update on Demonstrations Associated with “General Strike”


Oakland, CA—At 9:30 pm this evening at the Emergency Operations Center, Mayor Jean Quan, City Administrator Deanna Santana, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, and Port of Oakland Executive Director Omar Benjamin conducted a media briefing to provide updates on the demonstrations in Oakland associated with Occupy Oakland and the General Strike.


“It appears that literally thousands of people have demonstrated primarily peacefully today in Oakland,” said Mayor Quan. “We are disappointed in a small group that partook in acts of vandalism. It appears that people are disassembling peacefully. We will be watching throughout the night and we are focused on moving ahead tomorrow.”


“We are happy that today’s activities were primarily peaceful,” said City Administrator Santana. “Tomorrow, City offices will be up and running.”


“The Oakland Police Department continues to facilitate peaceful assembly,” said Chief Jordan. “People are here to exercise their First Amendment rights.”


We continue to emphasize the paramount importance of safety and security,” said Port Executive Director Benjamin. 


The following is a summary of the situation status as of 9:00 pm.


Oakland Police Department Operations


·        The crowd at Frank Ogawa Plaza and the surrounding streets is currently estimated at 900.

·        The crowd in the Port of Oakland area is estimated at 150 people, down from 4,500 earlier in the evening.

·        Everything appears to be peaceful.

·        There have been no additional acts of vandalism beyond those reported earlier.

  • No arrests have been made.
  • The Oakland Police Department has identified a small group of anarchists that are roaming through the crowds. OPD is focused on preventing illegal activity while affording the majority their rights to assemble and march.
  • At 7:46 pm, a call was received about two pedestrians struck by a vehicle at 11th and Broadway. BART Police were first responders and OPD is investigating the incident.
  • There have been no reports of officers injured.
  • Mutual aid is available if needed.


Traffic Impacts


  • We anticipate that blockages and traffic disruptions will occur throughout the evening in downtown Oakland.
  • AC Transit is re-routing buses downtown along Broadway between 12th and 20th streets. Buses are being re-routed on to Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. Check www.ACTransit.org for latest updates.
  • BART is operating normally with no delays at this time. Checkwww.BART.gov for latest updates.
  • Traffic and transit conditions could change. The City advises downtown employers, employees, and residents to visit 511.org or call 511 for up-to-date transit information.
  • For additional public information or referrals, call 211.


City Services


·        Tomorrow will be a regular work day, and the City will be open during regular business hours.


Business Impacts


  • City Administrator Santana expressed hope that downtown businesses and merchants will open for normal business tomorrow.
  • The City will continue to liaison with the merchant and business community.


Port of Oakland Operations


  • Operations remain effectively shut down in the maritime area of the Port ofOakland.
  • No property damage and no major security problems at the Port have been reported.
  • Maritime area operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so.
  • It is hoped that normal Port operations can resume tomorrow.
  • Protesters are reminded that it is a federal offense to enter the Port ofOakland.


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