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Oakland Considers Near $1 Million Settlement For Teen in Sex Scandal

Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker is recommending that the City Council pay nearly $1 million to settle a claim filed by a teenage woman at the heart of a sexual misconduct scandal, a spokesman for her office said Thursday.

Parker is proposing to settle the woman's case for $989,000, and the council will consider it at its meeting on Tuesday, the spokesman said.

The teenager, named "Jasmine," who formerly went by the street name Celeste Guap, is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher and is now 19. She filed a claim against the city alleging that Oakland officers exploited and victimized her in violation of her civil rights.

Criminal charges have been filed against four former and current Oakland police officers for allegedly knowing about her claims but failing to inform supervisors, having sex with her when she was underage and giving her confidential police information.

The woman also allegedly was exploited by officers from many other law enforcement agencies in the region.

Her original claim against the city of Oakland sought $66 million in damages.

John Burris, the woman's attorney, said he's recommending that "Jasmine" accept Parker's offer if it's approved by the City Council.

Burris said he doesn't want to comment on the proposed settlement until it's finalized.

The woman has also filed claims against other jurisdictions, including the cities of Richmond, Livermore and San Francisco, seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Burris said that so far he's focused primarily on the possible settlement with Oakland and will focus on the other claims once the Oakland case is finalized.

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