Former Oakland High School Security Guard Accused of Attacking Another Student

A former Oakland High School security guard who is facing federal charges for throwing a wheelchair-bound student to the ground faces new allegations of brutality.

Marchell Mitchell was recently fired by the Oakland Unified School District after surveillance cameras recorded him attacking a student and throwing him out of his wheelchair. Mitchell is now accused of attacking another student just a few days prior to the incident caught on camera.

"He grabbed me from the throat, slammed me to the floor and then he was on top of me with a knee on my chest," a student said of the alleged incident. "I couldn't breathe."

The student claims the alleged attack happened in the hallway at Oakland High School in May. He said he was stopped by two female guards who wanted to search his backpack. When he refused, Mitchell got involved and threw him to the floor.

"When I tried to get back up, they were trying to start a fight between me and Marchell Mitchell," the student said. "That's when I got pushed back down."

District officials apparently found marijuana brownies and an air soft gun in the backpack and planned to expel the student until he reported the alleged beating.

"This claim was made after the other incident began getting media publicity," Oakland Unified School District Spokesman Troy Flint said.

That other incident is caught on camera and show Mitchell throwing student Francisco Martinez out of his wheelchair because the student allegedly spit in his face.

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