Oakland Neighbors Demand Action to Slow Down Speeding Drivers

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A group of residents in Oakland knows just what it wants for Christmas: a roundabout in their neighborhood.

The neighbors along Eighth Street say speed demons are using their streets as a racetrack and they want the city to do something about it before one of the drivers hurts someone.

"It's just like the Indianapolis 500 sometimes," Tamera White said.

While many people were taking up hobbies during the pandemic, Tim Courtney devoted his time to stopping the careless drivers who treat the street like a speedway.

Courtney created a website and a Twitter page named "Safe 8th Street Oakland." He and a neighbor also purchased a traffic sensor so they could find out how fast drivers were really going.

"The highest speed I clocked someone going was 89 miles an hour on a 25 mile an hour street," he said.

One of the scariest crashes happened on July 4 when two cars came within inches of barreling into a townhome.

"What we’d like for them to do is put in speed humps and put in traffic circles," Courtney said.

A spokesperson for the City of Oakland said, "Fortunately this street is scheduled for paving construction in late 2021 and we look forward to discussing with residents the opportunities for improvements including those that can be considered to accompany that construction."

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