Oakland Officers Involved in Fatal Shooting

A late night domestic abuse report led to the fatal shooting of a man by the Oakland Police Department.

A man began to violently assault a woman, choking her, beating and strangling.

Police officers were called in to find Derrick Jones but he had fled already, according to the police. More officers located Jones, who had a history of gun and drug violations, in the 5800 block of Trask Street in Oakland, according to Oakland Police Department Spokesman Jeff Thomason.

The officers found Jones and tried to Taze the man but they were unable to do so. They continued to chase him, ordering him to stop. During chase, the suspect reached towards his waistband.

The pursuing officers saw a metal object in the suspect's hand while he continued to run and as soon he turned around and reached toward his waist, the officers shot, according to the police. Jones died from his wounds.

His family is calling Jones' death an unwarranted murder and they are already comparing it to the case of of Oscar Grant. Jones owned a barber shop in the 5800 block of Bancroft Avenue in Berkeley. Tuesday afternoon, family and friends have made a makeshift memorial outside of the store remembering Jones.

The officers reported fearing for their lives and they said that is why they shot the suspect, according to the police. Witnesses have corroborated the officers' report. Names of the officers have not been released yet.

The woman suffered minor injuries.

Mayor Ron Dellums said in a press release, "My office has been in close contact with Chief Batts and leadership of the Oakland Police Department, and we support their thorough and timely investigation into the circumstances which led to this unfortunate outcome."

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