Oakland Police Officer Shot

It was the second shooting of an Oakland police officer in just five days.

Just before 6 p.m. on Friday, officers working a hit-and-run case at 47th and E. 12th heard gunshots a couple blocks away.

Oakland police spokesperson Johnna Watson said two officers left the accident scene, heading to 49th and E. 12th, where they found a man armed with a gun.

Watson said the gunman shot at both officers, hit one, while the other office returned fire but missed.

Both officers, even the wounded 13-year-veteran of the Oakland police force, chased after the suspect, detained and arrested him.

Police are not searching for any other suspects.

The officer who was shot was in stable condition, recovering at a local hospital.

Officers stayed at the scene of the original report of a two-car hit-and-run crash at 47th to determine whether the drive who fled one of the cars was linked to the shooting minutes later.

Witnesses told NBC Bay Area that the driver of an older-model red Camaro blew through a stop sign, hitting an Impala with two occupants.

Both were okay, but the driver reportedly ran away. Witnesses also added that it was about 15 minutes later when they heard a few gunshots. After the officers left to the scene, they said they heard another four to six gunshots.

On Monday night, a little more than a mile away on the 1700 block of Seminary Avenue, an undercover police officer was working on the case of a Sunday shooting in the area when he was shot.

Watson said the department has made five arrests in connection to that shooting. Who will be charged and with what is set to be announced next week.

“When someone is so bold and so brazen to try and take a police officer’s life, where does that stop?” asked Watson. “That is the most dangerous person we need to remove off of our streets.”

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