Oakland Police Searching for Leads in Fatal Shooting of Peninsula Data Scientist

Police are still working to piece together why a data scientist was found shot to death near his home in Oakland.

Brian Bole, who worked in the health services field on the Peninsula, was walking home from a local bar when someone shot and killed him before he got there.

A woman who did not want to be identified is still in shock after seeing Bole laying dead in the street early Sunday morning in the area of Richmond Boulevard and Frisbie Street.

"I ran out to try and help him and saw that he had already passed," she said. "There was a gunshot wound in his head."

Bole, 30, served as a data scientist at Armus Corporation in San Mateo.

"I assumed it was a robbery gone bad, but I since learned he still had his wallet on him," the woman said.

Police continue to investigate the fatal shooting and were going door-to-door on Monday. Investigators said they do not have much to go on.

Larry Smith has lived in the Oakland neighborhood for 22 years. He said it is a nice area, but not as safe as people might think.

"I don't think the world is safe right now," Smith said. "So when people get this false sense of safety, I think there's a little delusion going on there."

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