Girl in Oakland Being Forced Into Prostitution Ring: Mother

A man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a girl in Oakland Wednesday and police said they are looking into allegations the victim was being forced into a prostitution ring.

Family of the 14-year-old girl raced to the scene of the alleged abduction in the 1000 block of 65th Street.

"In this instance we have a female in her teens that was kidnapped and now we're going further into investigating," Oakland Police Officer Marco Marquez said. "It's something we're going to look at if human trafficking is associated with this."

The mother of the victim told NBC Bay Area that her daughter told her that the suspect was trying to force her into a prostitution ring. She was seen hugging her daughter around a patrol car, with several other women consoling her as she cried while a police officer looked on.

Police arrested a man in his 20s on kidnapping charges a short time later and zeroed in on a house witnesses said was tied to it all. Police said they found no one inside the home.

The girl's family claims there are other victims.

The drama began about 9:15 a.m., when a witness called Oakland police and said a man was taking a female hostage and it she looked like she needed help, Marquez said.

Neighbors said they are stunned that something so violent may have been taking place near them.

Oakland police detained one suspect and were looking for another on Wednesday morning after two teenage girls were reportedly abducted, police and family members said.
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