Oakland Prepares For Federal Takeover

Talk of a federal takeover of the Oakland police department appears to be heating up.

NBC Bay Area confirmed on Thursday that city leaders are preparing for the real possibility the embattled department may end up in the hands of a receiver.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan says she's still hopeful a federal take-over can be avoided but she's coming up with options just in case.

Among the proposals is the idea of bringing on a full-time "compliance monitor" to help the department make mandated changes that the department's had trouble achieving on its own.

"We really need someone here that could immediately say, 'OK we don't like how you're doing this training on use-of-force or we don't think that the policy's being implemented correctly'," said Quan.

Quan says the compliance monitor would not have the power to hire or fire, adding she also doesn't want Police Chief Howard Jordan's authority to be undermined.

"We should like to have someone who is here all the time intensely working with us to implement these last reforms. Ultimately, it will be up to a federal judge to decide if the department will be placed in receivership and what that will entail," Quan said.

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Dec. 13.

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