Family, Friends Search for Loved Ones Missing in Oakland Warehouse Fire

As rescue crews and authorities continue to sift through the wreckage from a deadly Oakland warehouse fire, family members and friends wait anxiously to find out the fate of their missing loved ones.

At least 24 people died and dozens remain unaccounted for after flames broke out late Friday inside the "Ghost Ship" warehouse located in East Oakland, according to officials.

Below is a confirmed list of missing persons, according to family members or friends.

Alex Vega. Vega was attending a music event at the "Ghost Ship" building with Michela Angelina Gregory, his girlfriend, according to Daniel Vega, Alex Vega's older brother.

Manuel Vega/Instagram
Alex Vega

Michela Angelina Gregory. Gregory was inside the "Ghost Ship" building attending a music event with Alex Vega, her boyfriend, according to Daniel Vega.

Manuel Vega/Instagram
Michela Angelina Gregory

Pete Wadsworth. Wadsworth reportedly lives on the first floor of the "Ghost Ship" building, according to a friend.

Pete Wadsworth/Facebook
Pete Wadsworth

Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye. Tanouye was reportedly doing nail art inside the "Ghost Ship" building when the fire ignited, according to a friend.

Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye/Facebook
Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye

Ara Jo. Jo was believed to have been inside the "Ghost Ship" building when the blaze broke out, according to her family. Having not received any information about her location, Jo's family is struggling to remain hopeful.

Ara Jo/Facebook
Ara Jo

Alex Frantz Ghassan. Ghassan, a budding director, posted a video to his Instagram account of what appears to be a cluttered room inside of the "Ghost Ship" building before flames ripped through the structure. Comments on the post are clamoring for Ghassan to let people know that he is OK, but he has not responded.

Alex Ghassan/Instagram
Alex Ghassan

Officials with the University of California, Berkeley confirmed Sunday that "members of the Berkeley campus community" are also among the missing.
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