Oakland Woman Forced Out of Home After Homeless Encampment Fire

A pregnant Oakland woman and her son have been forced out of their home after a homeless encampment fire destroyed part of their property and many of their belongings Tuesday.

The fire occurred along Interstate 580 near Redding Street just as Nailah Franklin was coming home from the Golden State Warriors Victory Parade.

"I just got off the freeway and saw shooting flames coming out of the redwood trees, black smoke scattered across the top of the sky and I went into a panic," said Franklin. "It’s not fair and I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s hard."

The Oakland Fire Department believes the fire started in a homeless encampment along the freeway, right behind the family’s house.

"I've been complaining, complaining, complaining and nothing’s happened," said Franklin.

The eight-month pregnant single mother says about 10 homeless people have been camping behind her house for the past four years. She says calls to the police, CalTrans and the city have gone nowhere.

"People cook, use candles for light and it's dangerous," said Joe DeVries from the city of Oakland.

The City says it’s doing its best to deal with an unprecedented housing crisis, homeless encampments have sprung up all over the city.

"I would say we’re scared too and we’re making every effort," DeVries said.

The Fire Department says they’ve responded to 136 encampment fires since September of 2017.

"I’m trying to stay okay for my son and because I’m pregnant," Franklin said. "But my emotions, I’m broken right now. I don’t know what to do."

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