Oakland's Rockridge Casual Commuters Robbed of Electronics

Oakland police detained a trio of suspects after several casual carpool riders were robbed at gunpoint in Oakland's  Rockridge neighborhood early Monday morning of smartphones, purses, wallets and backpacks.

The group was waiting for carpool rides around 9 a.m. near state  Highway 24 near Claremont Avenue and Hudson Street when they were held up in exchange for their electronic and personal items,  police said. The area is nect to Frog Park, a popular spot for both families and homeless people.

No one was hurt, but commuters and nearby business owners were shaken up. Rockridge is an upscale neighborhood that has recently been hit by a string of robberies and burglaries where suspects are after electronic devices.

"Of course it's scary," Nick Kazimi, who works in a nearby coffee shop,  told NBC Bay Area. "As a person I worry about my business.  I hope nothing happens to me, you know, but this is a good neighborhood, so far, has been robberies all the time, lately."

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