Obama Gets an iPad

Editor's Note: A previous version of this blog post reported that President Obama uses an iPad 2. In fact, it's unclear which generation iPad the President uses as The White House has not responded to a request for comment. The headline and story have been corrected to address the reporting error.

Few would debate that President Barack Obama is the most tech savvy president in American history.

Mr. Obama has a custom-rigged Blackberry and he has admitted to owning an iPod.

Now the former law school lecturer is trying to prove his technical worth by jokingly telling reporters that not only does he own a computer -- a MacBook Pro reportedly -- but the leader of the free world also uses an iPad.

It's unclear which generation iPad the president uses as The White House has not responded to a request for comment.

AllNewsMac, for what it's worth, is questioning how the president got his iPad. With Apple running shortages across the globe, it is safe to assume Mr. Obama, if he does indeed have the latest generation of the device, was not waiting in line outside of an Apple store in Georgetown.

A CNN photographer also reportedly saw the president playing around with an iPad in the Oval Office shortly after Mr. Obama dined with Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the Bay Area in February. The iPad 2 was released on March 11.

Is it possible Jobs gave the president an iPad 2 as a gift for choosing him as a dinner guest?  

Possibly. The two have a history. In February, Jobs took a break from his medical leave from Apple to meet with Obama. This while tabloids had pegged Jobs with just weeks to live.

On Mr. Obama's Bay Area visit last year, Jobs met with the president at a San Francisco hotel to advise him on the economy.

The president has not always been a fan of Apple's toys. In a speech at Hampton University last May, Mr. Obama not only said he doesn't know how to "work" an iPad but that they are a distraction.

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