Obamas Talk Super Bowl Menu and the President Predicts Winner

The "Let's Move" campaign is taking a short hiatus at the White House for the Super Bowl.

The campaign, led by First Lady Michelle Obama, is focused on curbing obesity, but she admits that the first family takes "Let's Move" rules off the table for the big game.

"It's your basic wings, pizza, nachos, guacamole," the president said of the menu in an interview with CBS News' Gayle King. "There's a vegetable tray that nobody touches."

Asked what aspect of the game they enjoyed most, the first lady says the game is tackled in three ways at the White House: the serious watchers who go to the Treaty Room, the outside room where the kids are "fooling around by the food," and then there's the "champagne room."

"That's where my mother sits. Where you really don't know what's going on but you're close to the champagne," Michelle Obama said.

The first lady also revealed that she "cares deeply" about the half-time show, which this year is headlined by Coldplay and will feature special guest performances by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

"I got dressed up for the halftime show," Michelle Obama said. "I hope Beyoncé likes what I have on."

King also asked the president to make a secret Super Bowl prediction to be revealed Monday morning on "CBS this Morning." Obama was given a piece of paper with an image of each team and told to circle his choice.

There was just one problem. Producers didn't cut the camera located behind Obama's shoulder and possibly prematurely broadcasting his selection.

Social media erupted with speculations of Obama's pick, many guessing the Carolina Panthers.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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