Occupy Oakland Mass Arrest Leads to Only 12 Charges

The largest mass arrest in 30 years in Alameda County led to only 12 people charged with crimes.

The largest Alameda County mass arrest in 30 years has led to only 12 criminal charges.

A total of 409 people were arrested Saturday during an Occupy Oakland demonstration that devolved into clashes between police and protesters. Of those, only 12 were charged with crimes by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley, according to the Bay Citizen.

These are the mug shots of those who were charged with criminal offenses and stay away orders.

Eleven demonstrators were slapped with stay away orders, which means they face legal action if found within 300 feet of Oakland City Hall or the shuttered Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, which was the focal point of Saturday's protest. Four felony charges were leveled -- including charges for assaulting a police officer -- and eight misdemeanors, the Bay Citizen reported. None of the alleged felons are Oakland residents, according to reports.

Ahimsa Wind-Thunder of San Francisco appears to be in the deepest and direst straits: he faces eight felony counts of assaulting and officer and one count of wearing a mask to conceal his identity. He remains in jail on $400,000 bail.

Defense attorneys say that the stay-away orders, which have the full support of Mayor Jean Quan and interim Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan, are unconstitutional and violate free speech rights.

It appears that the mass arrest -- the biggest in the Easy Bay since 1982, when 1,200 people were taken into custody during an anti-nuclear demonstration -- will do very little to dampen revolutionary spirits: a reading of a list of 90 names of those arrested who will not be charged was punctuated by a call of "f*** the police," the Bay Citizen reported.

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