Odd Stolen Tow Truck Chase From San Leandro, Over Bay Bridge, to Brisbane

An odd pursuit between stolen tow truck "wrecker" and the California Highway Patrol took a bizarre route early Tuesday morning, from San Leandro across the Bay Bridge down the Peninsula, ending with a foot chase and a suspect in custody.

Moses Miller, 24, of San Leandro was taken into custody, and was unavailable for immediate comment. As for a motive? San Leandro police said his car was impounded by another police agency on Monday and taken to San Leandro Tow.

San Leandro first began chasing a suspect, now identified as Miller, who had busted through a fence with a stolen tow truck from at 3:21 a.m., according to the CHP Golden Gate Division.

But the driver wouldn't stop, the CHP said, and officers from Oakland and San Francisco, along with helicopters, began to follow him.

An odd pursuit between a tow truck with a stolen vehicle warrant and the California Highway Patrol took the drivers from San Leandro across the Bay Bridge down the Peninsula on Tuesday morning, ending with a foot chase and a suspect in custody. Bob Redell reports.

Miller allegedly drove from the East Bay to San Francisco over the Bay Bridge, which was caught on video, where officers started following at Treasure Island.

As the tow truck was traveling on the South Van Ness onramp to southbound US Highway 101, the suspect stopped the truck and reversed it into a CHP car, causing moderate damage, the agency said.

At that point, the driver hopped onto southbound US Highway 101 and headed down to Brisbane at Serra Point Parkway at 50 mph, the CHP said. He hopped out at a center median, the CHP said, and then ran across the highway into a nearby business parking lot.

The CHP arrested Milller at that point. San Leandro police said that Miller had snuck into the tow yard after hours and took a tow truck that had its keys in the ignition and crash through the fence. Police say he then wanted to leave in his own vehicle. But employees heard the crash, San Leandro police said, and scared him before he could get his own car back, prompting him to take off in the tow truck.

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