Offal Competition Promises Not to be Awful

Chef Chris Cosentino promises to teach chefs how to cook offal if they can stomach the work

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook the parts of an animal that fall off when its is being butchered? There might be something wrong with you but just in case, chef Chris Cosentino has an offer for you.

The executive chef of San Francisco's Incanto is an expert at cooking the heart, liver, lungs, tails, feet, brains and tongue of animals. And now he wants to share that knowledge with two lucky chefs.

Cosentino is offering to teach two professional chefs how to make a kidney taste like something other than what you might think a kidney would taste like.

All you have to do to qualify is be willing to work five grueling nights for free from March 19 to March 24. Candidates need to email their resume and an essay to Chris [chris at ].

"You will work your ass off, have some fun and learn a ton," he wrote on his blog announcing the competition

Cosentino is such a nice guy he will give one day off to recover from the work load, two free t-shirts and he will even let you eat what you cook. If you can still stomach it, that is. 

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