South Bay

Officials Keep an Eye on Reservoirs Amid Bay Area Storms

Despite the recent storms in the Bay Area, water levels in South Bay reservoirs haven’t moved much.

The waters at Calero Reservoir are calm but far from full at just 42% of capacity – same as the last week of November before all the talk of Atmospheric Rivers.

“We’re seeing reservoir levels below the historic 20-year level,” said Matt Keller from Valley Water.

In the same time, the water at the Anderson Reservoir in Morgan Hill increased by .01% but the locals aren’t worries, especially with the recent rains.

“I think it looks really good,” said resident Kevin Costa. “We need it.”

Valley Water said low reservoir level now is a good thing, as long as rain keeps coming down.

“That’s good news here at the beginning of the rain season because that’s a lot of room for the rain to get in there and a lot of room to run for us, to collect water in the reservoirs as we head into the wet season,” said Keller.

Valley Water says the break in the weather Thursday allows their crews to clear debris from the creek beds and river beds. That way water can flow freely downstream.

First responders and allied agencies have met to strategize on how to best respond to flood emergencies in case it becomes an extremely wet winter.

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