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Officials Urge People to Get Vaccinated Now Before Large Sites Close

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Get it while you can. That's the message from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department as more COVID-19 vaccination sites are winding down their operations.

"There will still be options available for people to get vaccinated, but they might not be as easy to access as they are currently now," county spokesperson Ricardo Romero-Morales said.

The Berger Drive site already closed. The Levi's Stadium site closes on June 24. The roller rink at Eastridge Mall site plans to close on June 28. The Mexican Heritage Plaza site will close on June 30. The Gilroy High School site will close on July 8.

Alondra Esparza had her own reasons to put off her vaccination.

"Just because I just had my baby," she said. "That was mainly the reason why. Just kind of wanted to wait."

Greg Nichols said he won't be getting a vaccine, period.

"It's not really a vaccine," he said. "Well, it's an mRNA so it alters your genes. It's never been tried on humans before, so I’m not really going to be the test subject of that."

There is a mountain of evidence disputing Nichols' claim.

But he represents some 20% of Santa Clara County residents who have not received a first dose.

Charles Valdez kept putting off his vaccine appointment.

"I'm just waiting for the side effects, actually," he said. "I hope I don’t get it. The side effects I don’t want."

But he decided to get vaccinated on Tuesday.

"I mean, everyone's getting vaccinated, so I just did it," he said.

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