Online 3-Minute Mental Health Test

M3 is an anonymous and free online mental health test

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 You probably already know your cholesterol and  blood pressure numbers. Now you can get your mental health number too, thanks to a new test you can take from your computer.

If you log onto, and answer a few questions, you will get a number to help you and your primary care physician better understand your mental health.

It is a multi-diagnostic mental health screen designed to detect early signs of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The test was developed by a team of mental health experts and clinicians. 

In addition to your number, you also get a suggestion of whether you need to seek additional professional help.

“I think it’s a great tool for a person to discover  they might have significant mood problems or anxiety problems” said Dr. Manuj Nangia, Medical Director and Psychiatrist at San Jose Integrative Wellness Center.

“The information might encourage someone to get help who might not otherwise seek professional help” Nangia added. 

But he added that he has concerns about the test, which gives individuals a percentage risk of them  having depression or an anxiety disorder. The test, Nangia warned, should be used as just one tool.

“Someone having a hard day, going through a bad break up or a job loss may take the test and it could say they have a 90 percent chance of depression. I think it can scare people,” Nangia said.

The three-minute questionnaire can be done anonymously online or through a mobile device App.  WhatsMyM3 is also being used in the offices of some primary care doctors to offer earlier detection of mood disorders.


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