Ooh Lala, the BlackBerry PlayBook Has a Touchy Feely Bezel

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is already looking fairly impressive. RIM isn't kidding when it tells everyone that it's building a tablet entirely from scratch and not just expanding on a smartphone OS. New intel shows the tablet's bezel is more than just a place to rest your thumbs — it's touch sensitive.

The BlackBerry crackheads over at BGR managed to get an extensive video of the dual core 7-inch tablet in action and we have to say, we're extremely pleased with what we see, not that we weren't expecting it to totally trounce the iPad. Apple fans have long dreamed of a bezel that is more than just just an oversized border, but it looks like RIM's beaten Jobs and company to the punch.

Taken from the video, you can see that swipes can be performed on the PlayBook's bezel to switch apps and close apps. These are default functions, but imagine what would happen if app developers got their hands on those controls. For example, we could see games use the bezel as virtual analog sticks or buttons. We can't sit still at the thought of all the possibilities.

If there was a shadow of a doubt that the PlayBook is an actual competitor to the iPad, then grab a chair, because the video is a long one.


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