Open Enrollment Begins for Covered California

As the White House continues to debate the future of the Affordable Care Act, open enrollment for Covered California begins Wednesday.

The open enrollment process marks the one time of the year when those in need of health insurance can enroll without having to meet qualifying conditions.

Those wishing to enroll will have three months to do so, but people are encouraged to sign up by the middle of December to make sure their coverage kicks in by Jan. 1.

Interested enrollees are also encouraged to shop and compare due to the changes for 2018. Some insurance companies such as Anthem Blue Cross are withdrawing from parts of California while others, such as Blue Shield of California, will be expanding.

Subsidized consumers will see a decrease when it comes to paying for coverage, according to a study performed by Covered California. For the 1.1 million Californians who enroll and receive financial assistance, the average price for coverage will drop about 1.5 percent. That decline equates to a savings of about $9 per month and $108 per year.

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