OpenRoad: Nature on the Mend (Episode 69)

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We’ll explore the Santa Cruz Mountains in the wake of the enormous CZU fire of 2020 with people from public and non-profit organizations collaborating closely to make the beloved forests, streams and communities in this rugged landscape more resilient to fire, drought and the many challenges of climate change in the years ahead, and we’ll get a glimpse of the fire-ravaged redwood forests of Big Basin State Park and learn about plans to reimagine and reopen the park in the years ahead. And we’ll take an epic journey through the Bay Area’s big wild…a remote but nearby region east of San Jose and south of Livermore rich in natural wonders and also recovering from a massive fire in 2020, We’ll see nature on the mend and consider conserving the unique and precious treasures of the Diablo Range for generations to come.

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