San Francisco Bay

OpenRoad: Saving San Francisco Bay (Episode 73)

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Five years ago, residents of the nine Bay Area counties voted overwhelmingly to tax themselves to restore and revitalize much of San Francisco Bay’s shoreline to improve its water quality, enhance its wildlife, provide increased public access to its many treasures and make it all far more resilient to the rising seas climate change is sending towards our shores.

Five years in, we've made a lot of progress in shoreline communities throughout the region and we’ll see some of what our tax dollars are bringing to life.

We’ll explore a large and brand new wetland in Contra Costa County which will soon become a rich sanctuary for nature and place of discovery for those of us who come to visit. And we’ll discover that healing the Bay can help communities heal and provide opportunities for young people to connect with their environmental heritage and become empowered to give themselves and their Bay bright and promising futures.

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