Opt Out of PG&E Wireless Meters for a Fee

Not a suitable solution, opponents say.

Don't like the idea of your electric meter sending out wireless signals? Many people don't.  For those of you who want your electric meter to remain non-wireless, PG&E will switch off your wireless signal - for a monthly fee.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has proposed allowing residents to turn off the wireless signals in their new SmartMeters, for $14 to $20 a month, says the Merc News.

Many residents are concerned that the signals being sent out by the new meters can lead to health problems.

"For those folks who don't want to participate, there are additional costs, and this will help recuperate those costs," company spokesman Jeff Smith told the Chron .

But this doesn't seem like a reasonable compromise for opponents of the SmartMeters.

"We consider PG&E's proposal to be one more false solution," said Joshua Hart of the group Stop Smart Meters. "We need to have public health hearings to get to the bottom of this."

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