Orange Skies Keep Most East Bay Residents Indoors

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The sun filtered through smoke and ash everywhere in the Bay Area Wednesday and in some places, the sun never made an appearance at all. 

The eerie view made people stay in, damaging already-struggling Walnut Creek restaurants.

“The orange sky obviously and the overcast has turned people away today,” said resident Al.

But an ominous looking sky didn’t keep him from taking his daily walk around Lake Merritt.

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“There are the diehards like myself,” he said. “I get bored staying indoors and I like to get some exercise everyday so I’m out.”

Noah Kinner, owner of Urban Fitness Oakland, said the evening class was full, even though the sky looked anything but an invitation to exercise.

“It’s been crazy,” he said. “I feel every couple of weeks it’s some new challenge, something we have to adapt or adjust to.”

He’s already adjusted to COVID-19 health rules by conducting classes outside -- and now this.

That wasn’t the case in Downtown Walnut Creek. A few people were out and about on scooters and out for a stroll, but restaurants were pretty empty.

“Restaurants, a lot of places shutdown in Walnut Creek because of the weather. Usually customers order takeout but not even that,” said Luis Sabillon from 1515 Restaurant & Lounge.

Some businesses that usually stay open until 11 p.m., closed early because there was no foot traffic and everyone was left wondering what Thursday will bring. 

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