Food Carts on the Down Low

The hordes of jobless, or "fun-employed," are adding to a new wave of street-food vendors in San Francisco, even though a lot of them are unlicensed— secret delights of locals in the know, plus others from the blogo- and Twittersphere.

To blame, says the Chronicle, is the city's labyrinthine system of permitting for food trucks and carts: if you have to jump through so many hoops just to put a hot dog in the mouths of your Twitter followers, well, you might as well do it on the down low. Seriously, what the pho?

Within the last few weeks a series of legit trucks and push carts have opened up in the city, including some going for the exotic. Chez Spencer on the Go is serving high end French food, such as frog legs, out of the back of his stainless steal kitchen on wheels. The Creme Brulee Guy took his cart live in the Mission as well. For those more into traditional carts, have no fears, your friends at Mission Street Food are serving cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

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