“Outed” Judge Accused of Bias in Prop 8 Trial

Revelations of Vaughn Walker's sexuality spur letter from supporters of gay-marriage ban

While not suggesting that there's anything wrong with 9th District Court of Appeals Justice Vaughn Walker being gay, if that's true, National Organization for Marriage Director Brian Brown accuses Walker of bias against the defense in the Proposition 8 trial anyway.

In an official statement addressed to "Friends of Marriage, Brown pointed to two of Vaughn's decisions that were overturned by other judges, including the release of internal campaign emails to the plaintiffs and the devision to broadcast video from the trial online.

We have no idea whether the report is true or not. But we do know one really big important fact about Judge Walker: He's been an amazingly biased and one-sided force throughout this trial, far more akin to an activist than a neutral referee. That's no secret at all.

Leading Brian Leubitz of the Courage Campaign to respond:

This is really the heart of where the pro-Prop 8 people are going with this. It's all about the YouTube. Their witnesses were so scared of appearing on YouTube that they couldn't possibly testify. Terrified, I tell you! But, when it comes down to it, what they were scared of was cross-examination.

Oh, snap!

So while not strictly accusing Walker of being biased because he's gay, it does set up the defense to call out any unfavorable decision as one by an "activist judge," and you know how the right wing hates activist judges.

Jackson West would love to be an activist judge some day.

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