City Cracking Down on Overtime, Paperclips and Car Washes

Mayor Gavin Newsom demands further reductions in office and payroll expenses

Apparently San Francisco spends enough money on keeping the City's car fleet clean that Mayor Gavin Newsom's efforts to balance San Francisco's gaping budget deficit includes asking departments to cut in half the number of car washes.

That detail is part of a larger plan estimated to save the City $40 million through reductions to office supply purchases, travel costs, energy consumption, management pay and energy bill savings.

Probably the largest share of that reduction, however, will likely come through reduced overtime hours. Newsom says he wants reports on any permitted overtime hours every quarter from city agencies.

The report is slated to include an explanation of why the extra billable hours were approved, and the mayor has threatened to personally review the reports.

And you don't want to make the mayor angry, because he will pointedly ignore you in public if you do.

Jackson West has no car to wash.

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