Owner of Dog Shot by Police Wants Apology

Owners of a dog that was shot by an officer last week are still waiting for an apology from the Concord Police Department.

The dog, Kirby, is recovering from his wound. X-rays show he still has a bullet fragment near his spine. The 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel retriever mix was shot as the officer was searching the neighborhood for a suspect.

Kirby's owner, Zachary Grimm, said the officer went into his backyard through a gate. Kirby ran out the back sliding door and directly at the officer, which is when the officer opened fire.

"I don't think my brain registered that it was a gunshot really and or who'd been shot or what happened and then I heard Lloyd basically yell, 'They shot Kirby!' Grimm said.

Investigators said the dog was aggressive, and the officer felt he was in enough danger to give a warning and then shoot.

"Even if that dog was coming at you full bore...I mean...you're just gonna shoot that thing?" Grimm said. "It's not like he...he never growled or lunged at him."

Grimm wants Concord police to apologize, pay for the dog's mounting medical bills and disciplinary action against the officer who shot Kirby.

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