Pacific Grove Man Gets Probation for Registering Dead Father to Vote

A Pacific Grove man trying to make a point was sentenced to three years of probation for voter registration fraud.

Richard Davis submitted an online voter registration form in the name of his deceased father, born in 1923, to the Monterey County Elections Department on Oct. 22, 2018.

Two days later he called the Monterey County Sheriff's Office to report the registration, saying it was proof that the voter registration system is flawed.

Except that the Elections Department had already confirmed that the elder Davis had died.

"Davis also admitted to previously registering his dog 'Cooper' to vote in 2013, in order to prove the same point. The Elections Department detected this fraud in 2013, never registered the dog to vote, and Davis was warned at the time not to repeat such behavior," according to a news release from Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine Pacioni.

Along with probation, Superior Court Judge Pamela Butler ordered Davis to refrain from submitting voter registration for anyone but himself. Davis must also to complete 48 hours of community service through a non-profit organization.

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